Our Staff

  • SNAP employs four NYS certified teachers, one NYS certified teaching assistant, and one NYS certified social worker. No other summer theater program comes close to our staff's qualifications to work with children.

Our Cast Members 

  • The age range of our cast is purposeful. We give most entering 6th graders the opportunity to do their first audition, rehearsal process, and musical performances prior to beginning their middle school theater programs. Other middle schoolers double their annual theater opportunities. The young high schoolers have not yet become leaders in their school programs, but with SNAP, they gain important role models and leadership experience.

  • Our cast members develop strong friendships that manifest themselves in many ways, including positive social media ties, parties, and attendance at one another’s school performances.

The Cost of our Production 

  • The cost of SNAP amounts to between $5 and $6 dollars per hour (that is cheaper than any summer theater program you'll find... anywhere).

  • As a children's theater non-profit, SNAP is committed to easing the cost burden for families. Each year, we provide assistance to families with financial limitations.

The Quality of our Production 

  • SNAP successfully balances an intense compressed musical theater experience with the time necessary time to produce a quality production. Three weeks pass quickly, but about 40 hours of rehearsal go into each hour of performance. Other programs may be shorter, but their final product is not as outstanding.​